Frankie Banali is fighting against Pancreatic Cancer on a daily basis. This past week hasn't been too kind to him. I just wanted to tell him, thank you.

As a "young head banger," Quiet Riot was life. Cool songs, cool videos, awesome imagery...The perfect mix as a kid that's ready to rock.

I can remember how raw and distinct the vocals were of the late Kevin DuBrow, and how MASSIVE those Quiet Riot drums sounded...Who would have guessed that as an "adult head banger" I could call that drummer my friend.

I've been very fortune in my life to meet so many incredible musicians. Ozzy told me and Double T about some T.V. show he had in the works, plenty of Rick Nielsen stories, KISS listened to my show on the way into Rockford and told me all about it, pretty cool stuff.

Meeting Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot for the first time was pretty surreal. Here's this guy I saw on MTV basically every half hour for a year...and we hit it off instantly.

As time went on he would ask about my kids...


...we would talk music and Rockford life, and he knew my childhood friend that lived up the street from me in weird.

Frankie is "one of the good ones" as the saying goes. Rockstar, music lover, artist, and a REAL man.

He brought me gifts to my birthday party...


...and even sang Happy Birthday to me...Yep, this is real life.

This is simply a THANK YOU, to a guy that I appreciate, and a friendship that I cherish. Love you, Frankie.

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