No matter where you are or what you are doing, you are on video.

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
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So imagine you are at a Chicago White Sox game as a kid, and there is a foul ball coming your way. The ball bounces around and the excitement is growing. This is your chance to grab the ultimate take home, an actual game used ball!

But then it happens, on live T.V. of course. An "adult" takes the ball out of your grasp and scares the crap out of you in the process.

Well, this happened during a Sox vs Twins game and as you could imagine, went straight to social media. The comments about this rude lady have had me laughing all afternoon.

First off shame on you ma'am. Secondly, it's a kid! So the video:

Now the comments, I've picked to best ones:

  • Probably a reason she was sitting alone
  • that's whats wrong with America...
  • Well, she deserves it. After all that work yesterday blocking out the entire sun and all....
  • time to go land whale hunting, fellas
  • And I bet her story would have been that she triumphantly caught the ball, when the reality is she elephantly stomped away with it.
  • She does the same thing to people with hamburgers.
  • She must have thought it was deep fried.

You get the point...

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