If you plan on spending any time outside and in the woods, it's a good idea to be aware of the four different species of venomous snakes that call Illinois home.

Taking Advantage Of Early Spring Weather In Illinois

We've been really lucky this winter in Illinois. It's been mild with very little freezing cold temperatures, ice, and snow. I'll take this kind of weather every year. Residents have been able to get out and about during these months so they don't feel so stir crazy.

Even though we haven't been cooped up all winter, it's still nice to get outside whenever possible. The mild temperatures have brought on an early spring. Active people want to get outside and take advantage of the situation. I don't blame them because we're going to be complaining about the heat in a couple of months.

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Humans aren't the only ones wanting to take advantage of the early spring weather in Illinois. The animals from here are all about it too. Remember, they live in the wild so it's good practice to leave them alone if you happen to run into them while out on a nature hike. Some of them can be very dangerous including snakes.

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Illinois Is Home To 4 Different Species Of Venomous Snakes

I'm going to admit that I'm not a big snake person, so I'll just stay away from all of them.

# 1 Eastern Copperhead 

  • 2 to 3 feet
  • Lives in swampy, rocky, and wooded regions

# 2 Northern Cottonmouth

  • 3 to 4 feet
  • Swims and lives near water

# 3 Eastern Massasauga

  • 18 to 30 inches
  • Lives near water in spring & open fields during summer

# 4 Timber Rattlesnake

  • 30 and 66 inches
  • Lives in wooded areas


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