Hats off to these dads who get the job done.

Changing diapers are no joke.

I remember when my nephews were little and I would baby sit. I would pray to all things holy that they wouldn't go number two in their diapers. My word does that stink.

I stumbled across a few videos of dads, and even and uncle, changing a babies diaper.

The gagging, the vomiting, the hilariousness of these videos are something we can all appreciate.

When Imaging Mike and I were watching them, we couldn't help but laugh. These dads make the same sounds and faces that I do when I brush my teeth! Gagging, coughing, spitting like crazy... just a normal day brushing my teeth.

When my husband and I have children, please help me be a better diaper changer than this.

I had at least three side splitting bursts of laughter watching uncle change a diaper.

Although uncle was hilarious, I think this dad takes top spot!

Hilarious isn't it!

Hats off to you dads and uncles!

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