The Chicago Cubs social media department has outdone themselves. 

Ever since I've seen this video I've had no less than 20 internal monologues on what would happen.

I think I've settled on the fact that Javy could actually tag out Javy, meaning I disagree with the video. My reason is as follows.

Yes, Javy has some great rope-a-dope moves while sliding into bases, but he's not the only guy that has tried to do this. It's been around for a while. He's one of the best but that's not a truly unique ability.

What Javy is the best I've ever seen at is getting the tag down at what looks like lightspeed. The motion is so fluid it's like he's framing the throw from the catcher.

So I'm going to pair the fact that he is better at tagging with the fact that he also would have an understanding with what's going on in "runner Javy's" head to give "tagging Javy" the upper hand. Make sense? Didn't think so. I'll probably change my mind in an hour anyway.

P.S. This one isn't as well done but it's just as funny.

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