We've recently seen a rash of athletes being publicly shamed for some social media posts from the past. 

Over the All-Star break, Brewers reliever Josh Hader had some of his racist and misogynist tweets uncovered by some fans. Just recently Washington Nationals player Trea Turner had some old offensive posts come to light as well.

As athletes who grew up in the social media age come to prominence, this trend is likely to continue. While none of this behavior is acceptable, it does kind of stink that these guys are getting buried for some stupid thoughts that they had when they were teenagers.

That being said, they still posted them and should be held accountable. That's the tradeoff you make when you are in the public eye. I personally think that they should be shamed for them and be forced to address some ugly stuff that they did in the past.

What also should be said is that I find it AMAZING that there are still people out there in the public eye that haven't scrubbed their social media of anything that could be remotely offensive. That's just PR 101 as far as I'm concerned.

Lester even goes as far as to say that he's not innocent of thinking stupid things in the past, there's just not a paper trail going back to him on it.

Most people realize that athletes are humans that deserve a second chance. What Lester, and a lot of folks are saying is, don't make it so easy for people to see all your warts.

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