There is a chance that sleeping on waterbeds could be a thing in Rockford again.

When I was younger, having a waterbed was a big deal.

I remember my good friend, his brother, and sister all had them. Everybody was jealous.

I slept on one and it was strange. When I moved, it felt like I was sleeping on a raft in the ocean. I could see myself getting seasick if a had a few adult beverages.

I knew a guy that owned a waterbed and lived in a second-floor apartment. It sprung a leak and flooded his neighbor's place.

Even with the problems, the people who owned one loved it.

Like many things, waterbeds went out of style and people weren't buying them anymore.

If you were a "waterbed person," I have good news for you.

Waterbeds could be making a comeback thanks to the creator, Charles Hall.

According to KREM TV,

"There are plans to launch a redesigned waterbed later this year. It’s a rethink of his original design from 50 years ago that removes all its negative aspects and keeps its positives."

"Gone is the wooden frame that made the older beds so hard to get out of, exchanged for a foam collar that surrounds the water bladder. Spandex covers the top of the mattress to give a floating sensation. A fiber insert quells waves and keeps the water bladder still. An updated temperature system keeps the water feeling just right."

He is promising a much better experience this time around.

Did you have a waterbed back in the day?

Would you give the new waterbed technology a chance?

As I said back in the day... "Enjoy riding the waves."

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