Could unemployed NFL quarterback, Jay Cutler, get a job in Rockford?

Former Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, can't find a team for the 2017 season. Even though, there are plenty of teams looking for quarterbacks. No, one wants to sign him.

If Jay Cutler doesn't find a quarterback job, what is his back up plan? Of course he's made plenty of money, but he might get bored doing nothing.

It made me think, could Jay Cutler find a job in Rockford?

I decided to help him out and check out Rockford Craigslist, to see if there is any jobs he could be qualified for. Here's what I found.

Recently Jay's wife, Kristin Cavallari, posted a picture of him in nothing but his birthday suit from (NSFW). I think he could handle some modeling.

Jay made millions playing in the NFL. He definitely has a cool car that people would like to ride in. He would get many requests to drive people.

Jay didn't normally do a lot of time training during the off season, so sitting around a pool all summer sounds perfect for him.

Jay has played football a long time. He has seen many cheerleaders. Plus the Chicago Bears won't allow them, so it would be going against them.

Good luck Mr. Cutler. I hope you find something soon.

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