No word on whether or not any red bulls have been seen hanging around the parking lot of the Red Bull factory.

Maybe the red bulls don't want to be accused of band-wagoning for publicity.

Anyhoo...let's get back to the spotted cows in Wisconsin.

I don't know a whole lot about New Glarus, Wisconsin, other than they brew beer there. It seems like a nice enough Wisconsin town, until you come to the realization that long after everyone has settled in for the night--the local cows form gangs and wander about looking for...well, in this case, beer. (even the TV station's call letters play into this story):

It was only a matter of time that actual spotted cows, of the Holstein variety, would make their way to New Glarus Brewery, maker of Spotted Cow beer.

The intersection of bovines and beer happened early Monday morning, according to a post on the New Glarus Brewing Company Facebook page.

“Yes, this actually happened — some spotted cows came to visit the home of Spotted Cow!” read the post.

The small herd of 16 cows were cornered by police in the parking lot of the brewery about 1:45 a.m. Monday.

Police say the cows were safely returned home to a nearby farm.


A bunch of leather-clad loiterers milling around looking for beer after midnight. Every police department has to deal with them from time to time.

We'll be hearing about these miscreants again, now that they know where the beer is.

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