Thirsty for a soda in the Cook County area, it's gonna cost you!

What does soda really do to your body?
Keith Bell, ThinkStock

The breakdown is this, it will cost you an additional penny per "ounce" of your favorite beverage. So, a 12oz can of pop will be 12 cents more. A 12 pack of soda, will be an extra $1.44 and if you purchase 2-liter bottles of soda bring an additional 68 cents.

Now Cook County is not picking on just soda drinkers, it totally goes beyond that. Rob Karr, president and CEO of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association says this:

“It’s not just soda, it is anything that is sweetened either with sugar or artificially. So teas, lemonades, sports drinks, [less than 100 percent] fruit juice, soda. It’s all included.”

So it even goes as far as this, let's say you are out at your favorite Cook County watering hole. Order a Captain and Coke, a Jack and Pepsi, you guessed it you will pay more.

Could this be coming our way soon? Will Illinois and Rockford law makers add additional taxes to our sugary beverages?


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