Parents get angry over controversial Halloween display that features a free candy and puppies sign.

I understand that some aspects of Halloween are creepy and scary.

Some fans of the holiday go all out with their yard displays.

I've seen some haunting ones while driving around Rockford.

None of them have been this distasteful.


"A van decorated for Halloween is causing controversy on the internet." 

"Texas news affiliate KAMC alerted the public around 8 p.m. Friday of a sighting of a van offering free candy and free puppies to children."

There's good news. It wasn't a real threat. A company in Texas designed it for a customer.

Here's a picture from the Sign Design Facebook page.

Now, that's really creepy.

Of course, parents in the area are very mad out it.

I would have to agree, that was done in bad taste.

How do you feel about it?


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