It was the bizarre death of Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz that rocked the community.

We are all familiar of the twisted story of Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz.

Fox Lake Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz Committed Suicide
Lake County Sheriffs Office via Getty Images

At first, the Fox Lake, Illinois cop was just a man doing his job until he was 'killed in the line of duty.'

My friends in Fox Lake, and quite frankly all of the Chicago suburbs and Wisconsin were on edge as details emerged about his death.

He was shot, dead, by three unknown males, one black and two white.

The manhunt, the funeral, all of Illinois wept. Why were the police at the receiving end of senseless attacks?

He became a national hero.

That all changed when more and more details of his death came to light.

It was a twisted, inside family job, money fueled, roller coaster of darkness.

Tonight on CNN, at 8 p.m. they will air 'The Secret Life of G.I. Joe,' a special profile of his death, case and what is to come.

This will surely be something you won't want to miss.



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