A popular exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago was recently updated.

Love MSI

Ever since the first time my parents took me to visit the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, I have been a big fan.

It is such a fascinating place. So many things to see and do. It is impossible to check out everything in just one visit. Each time is like a whole new adventure.

Of course, there are must-see things like the submarine and coal mine. It really gives visitors, especially children, an opportunity to learn, have fun, and experience new things.

Update To Popular Exhibit

One of the more popular exhibits is "Take Flight." Not everyone is lucky enough to visit other places. That includes flying to your desired location.

The Museum of Science and Industry has an actual airplane which you can go in and experience in person. It is a unique opportunity for those who have never flown before. Even people that have will get a special behind-the-scenes look at air travel.

"Take Flight" has been a museum staple for many years. Of course, since it first opened many things have changed in airplanes and flying. Recently. the exhibit got a much-needed facelift.

Changes For "Take Flight"

According to chicago.suntimes.com,

"But the folks at MSI decided the “Take Flight” exhibit, dating from the mid-1990s, needed an update. It was definitely time for a refresh and to tell a new, modern story. MSI’s updated exhibit has a panel explaining what causes rough air: warm air rising during storms, when wind rapidly changes direction or when air flow crosses a natural feature, like a mountain."

Plan A Visit

If you have never been to the Museum of Science and Industry or it is been a long time, I suggest planning a visit sometime in the near future. There is something for everyone.

For more info, HERE.

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