It might surprise you what the favorite snack in Chicago is for the Super Bowl.

I've said it for a long time. The Super Bowl should be a national holiday.

It doesn't matter if you're a football fan or not. On Super Bowl Sunday, you're either going to or hosting a "Big Game" party.

Of course, I have my favorite snacks for the event. I enjoy chips and dip. I'm sure you have your top choice too.

According to,

"Ahead of this year’s big game, Frito-Lay North America unveiled the results of its first-ever U.S. Snack Index, a poll asking consumers what snacks they plan to serve on Super Bowl Sunday, one of the single-largest retail sales days for snacks."

Unfortunately, Rockford won't be included in a survey like this one. How about somewhere close. What about Chicago? What's the "go to" munchie in the "Windy City."

"Chicago’s top pick – popcorn."

That kind of surprises me. I don't really consider popcorn a Super Bowl snack option but apparently, a lot of people there do.

What's your favorite Super Bowl snack?


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