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Jenny Doan decided to beat the current Guinness World Record for Hula Hooping, which was 74 hours and 54 minutes.

A new Chicagoan, Doan set herself up at District Brew Yards to set the record. She didn't have a Guinness representative on location, but she live-streamed the 100 hour event on Twitch.

It wasn't just about the world record, she wanted to raise money for Mental Health America, which she ended up raising $4,000 for.

According to the rules, Jenny could take a 5 minute break for every hour of movement, or bank the breaks together, which she used to take a 3 hour nap at one point.

Jenny's Facebook page chronicles the experience, both during and after the successful attempt. She shares the pain she was in this weekend after she finished, from swollen legs to a friction burnt waist.

Doan shared that she wore compression socks and knee braces to help her legs from buckling from standing for 4 days straight.

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