Simply known as "Cane Guy" to thousands of people on social media, the White Sox have the type of cult hero that baseball teams love to have during a postseason run.

The White Sox season looked like it was almost over. They had lost the first two games of the ALDS against Houston while only scoring 2 runs over both games. The series returned to Chicago but the bats still weren't working. The electricity that was buzzing through the home crowd during the team introductions had noticeably waned with the White Sox bats still struggling to make any noise.

NOTE: The White Sox did an OUTSTANDING job getting the crowd pumped up during the pregame. The excitement was pouring out over the airwaves.

With the Sox trailing 3-1, Rob Holt started doing what a lot of baseball fans do with their team on the ropes, he started to do some crazy superstitions stuff.

We've all been there as sports fans. Maybe you have your lucky chair or sweatpants you always watch "your team" in. I've been known to change the outcome of a University of Illinois basketball game just by taking the batteries out of the remote. Does it make sense? Nope. But being emotionally invested in adults playing a child's game doesn't either, so why not?

Holt started to channel his walking stick that he uses because of a bad knee to insert a little of his own juju into the game.

Chicago Sun-Times - After watching a Sox player struggle at the plate, Holt pointed his wooden cane and told the player to hit the ball into left field.

Miracously, it worked...

As the game went on, Section 123 - behind the Astros' dugout - recognized the "power" in Holt's walking stick and encouraged him to work his magic by twirling his wooden cane.

Holt was constantly on the FOX broadcast, twirling his "magic."

Just an all around cool story that could end tomorrow, or could be a rally cry that carries the White Sox to the World Series. There have been dumber playoff mascots in MLB history. Remember the rally monkey that led the Angels to a World Series title?

The Cubs had a rally waffle maker for awhile.

Baseball players are a little weird.

It also looks like the White Sox organization isn't going to play any games with the baseball gods though, because they have already invited him to be their guest for Game 4.

Tune in tomorrow afternoon for Game 4 to see if Cane Guy still has the magic.

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