30 years ago the Chicago waters were not good for fishing. 10 varieties available because of chemicals being dumped.

From Chicago Tribune sewage that had chlorine in it was being dumped into the water, killing off fish. The chlorine is very toxic to fish life.

Chicago were allowed to skip the "Clean Water Act" of 1972. You might see one of those "The Simpsons" three-eyed fish swimming by throughout the 1980's.

Now after some serious work on the water, things are looking (and smelling) better.

“Actions we’re taking are working, we’re already seeing that if you can increase fish diversity, you’re also able to increase how people use waterways.” Austin Happel -  Shedd Aquarium

Back in 1977, sportswriter Rick Telender wrote:

“The only time the river has a healthy color is on St. Patrick’s Day, when the Democrats dye it green with food coloring,”

So here we are in 2020 during a pandemic and some crazy...The water in Chicago now produced 60 different varieties of fish.  The "Deep Tunnel", a $3 billion system of tunnels keeps pollution out of waterways and Lake Michigan...apparently it was money well spent!

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