After attending a show at the House of Blues in Chicago, a man tries to swim across the river.

I know the excitement of seeing my favorite band in concert. My energy is so high, I don't want the night to end. I won't go straight home. I'll usually go somewhere to hang out with my friends to talk about the incredible performance I just witnessed.

I guess everyone has their own way to celebrate. That being said, I was surprised how this fan's night ended up.

According to,

"Chicago police officers rescued a man who jumped into the Chicago River early Tuesday in the Loop. Police said the man was leaving a concert at the House of Blues, where he had been drinking when he decided to try to swim across the river."

You may be asking yourself, why would someone jump in a river in the middle of winter. The key words in the sentence above are "had been drinking." By the way, I wouldn't swim in that river on a warm summer day.

Just maybe, it would be understandable, if there wasn't a way to cross over to the other side. I've been to the House of Blues in Chicago several times. There are actually two bridges nearby.

I guess he wasn't drinking smart water that night.

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