When recreational marijuana becomes legal, hotels in Chicago will still not allow guests to smoke in their rooms.

After the first of the year, Illinois will have a new tourist attraction, legalized recreational marijuana. Visitors will travel from the illegal states to enjoy this new perk. Chicago will be a very popular destination for "potheads."

These weed enthusiasts will be staying in hotels and will be wanting to partake in the product they just purchased. At this point, it looks like they are going to have to search for a safe smoking zone.

According to chicago.suntimes.com,

"Out-of-staters planning ganja getaways at the start of next year may not have anywhere to legally get stoned as many hotels are sticking by their strict no-smoking policies. Representatives for major chains with multiple hotels in the downtown area all said pot use will still be banned come Jan. 1."

Hopefully, they have an alternative plan when they visit the Windy City.

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