A former World Series Champion gives a preview of the 2021 Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox.

In the history of minor league baseball in Rockford, there have been many different teams. You had clubs that were affiliated with Major League teams like the Cubbies, Royals, and Expos. Then we also had Independent League ones like the Riverhawks and Aviators. Now, there is the Rivets which is a collegiate summer league.

When I came to town, the baseball games were played at Marinelli Field. It has some old-school charm but the teams could definitely use an updated facility. The Riverhawks build the latest stadium where you can currently watch the Rivets.

When Riverhawks first opened the stadium they hosted the Northern League All-Star game. They decided to make it a two-day event. To draw more fans, they hosted a Cubs Alumni versus White Sox alumni game. There were not enough players to fill two teams so they brought in some local ringers. I was one of the lucky ones that got chosen to participate. I was on the Cubs squad.

That was a great day. I love my job. Here I was playing with some of my favorite professional baseball players of all. I got to hang out with them all day, chill in the dugout, and even take the field. I really bonded with one of the players that night. It was Greg Pryor. He was a former player for the Chicago White Sox. By the way, I am a fan of both teams but that is a subject for another day.

After that event, Greg Pryor became a friend and a regular on my show. What I really like about him is that he actually loves the game of baseball. He really appreciates the time he spent in the Majors. He still gets really excited for games. Since the season opens, today. I thought I would have him on to chat about it. If you missed it, here you go.

Video: 2021 Chicago Baseball Preview with Former White Sox Player Greg Pryor

We covered a lot of ground today. Here are the cliff notes.

  • Chicago Cubs Preview.
  • Chicago White Sox Preview.
  • Kansas City Royals Preview.
  • What it is like on Opening Day.
  • Having Tony LaRussa as a manager.
  • Being on the White Sox.
  • Playing for the Royals.
  • Winning the World Series.
  • Disco Demolition Night.
  • Coming up the Yankees
  • His book.

A lot of interesting subjects, so you might want to go back and listen to it.

Pryor played for the Kansas City Royals and won a World Series with them. He sent me a couple of photos to share.

World Series Champs
World Series Champs
World Series Championship Ring
World Series Championship Ring

The last time he was on my show we talked about his book. You can check out that interview now.

Video: Major League Baseball Player Greg Pryor Talks About His New Book "The Day The Yankees Made Me Shave"

I have to include the full picture of this uniform because it could be my favorite White Sox one of all-time.

Chicago White Sox Greg Pryor
Chicago White Sox Greg Pryor

Could you imagine wearing that uniform in a game?

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