After a break-up, it's hard to get rid of your ex's things because they are memories. This company in Chicago can help you.

I've gone through it a couple of times in my life.

I dated somebody for a while but it just doesn't work out.

Then there's the awkward exchange of items that we left at each other's places.

What about the gifts? I can't really give those back, but I don't want to keep those either.

Now, there's help.

According to,

"This new service will take your ex's things away for you."

The name of this fabulous new service is ExBox offered by MakeSpace in Chicago.

It's going to be hard to heal from the split if you are looking at old pictures and things.

ExBox will come in and remove items that bring back thoughts of your former partner. They will put them in storage until you're fully ready to permanently dispose of them.

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