Not happy with a call, Robin Lopez from the Chicago Bulls throws a chair after he gets ejected.

I like to call this a learning moment for the children. This is how NOT to act while playing a sport.

Video: Robin Lopez THROWS CHAIR IN ANGER AFTER GETTING EJECTED! Bulls vs Kings February 5, 2018

The Chicago Bulls are a horrible basketball team, so I can understand if the players get frustrated but this is a little ridiculous.

According to,

"Robin Lopez has lost his cool. The Chicago Bulls center was ejected during the second quarter of Monday's game against the Sacramento Kings after picking up two technical fouls for going after the referees to the point he needed to be restrained by teammates and coaches."

What was his stat line before getting kicked out of the game?

"Lopez finished with two points on 1-of-5 shooting and three personal fouls in 13 minutes."

Looks like he was having a bad night. Maybe, he was just looking for an excuse to leave the game early?

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