Illinois Drivers, you have been warned.

In the past you have always been reminded by mail if your vehicle registration needs to be renewed.

check your license plate stickers
David Lentz, ThinkStock

Although I hate paying for plate stickers, it's something I have to do if I want to drive in Illinois. I didn't mind getting the reminder in the mail, it was a welcome reminder.

The last thing I want is to get pulled over for not having a plate sticker. To me that is just silly.

The Secretary of State Jesse White canceled the notices because of the budget impasse, according to WTVO. This will save the state government about $450,000 dollars in postage a month.

I today's world, with soccer practice, running errands and the normal hustle and bustle, it's going to be easy to forget to update your stickers.

Don't worry though. Officers plan to give a bit of leeway before giving a citation.

From WTVO:

"Because they're not going to get the notices from the State, we thought it was probably the best thing for law enforcement, if they find somebody who has an expired sticker, give them a break,” said Greg Sullivan, the Executive Director of the Illinois Sheriff’s Association. “Let them know that it is expired, remind them that they need to get it taken care of.”

Even though you will not be getting registration reminders in the mail, you can still sign up to get them electronically.

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