This male and female pair of eagles are "breaking the internet" with this live nest feed. Check Out This LIVE VIDEO of an Eagle's Nest With Eggs! FriendsofBigBear

About 10 years ago one of these "eagle nests" live feeds was posted to our website and people went nuts about it, so I thought I'd offer up another!

Bald Eagle Couple Leaning Together
karen crewe

The eagles are named Shadow (the male) and Jackie (the female). The male apparently sits on the eggs for quite a while, as the female eagle is out getting her nails done. Just a guess...I'm kidding!

Bald Eagle
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The female eagle actually did a 27 hour "egg sit" which included a crazy snow storm. She actually laid the 2nd egg DURING the snow storm. That's a dedicated mama.

"During that time, she was riding out the long snowy storm, laying her 2nd egg in the middle of the storm, and making sure her 2 eggs stayed safe and warm through the long, snowy night." - Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam

In part of the video feed, the female returned to the nest after being gone for a while. The male looked and acted very comfortable protecting the eggs.


The descriptions of how things go down in the nest from Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear is pretty incredible:

Before getting off the eggs, she called out to Shadow and apparently got confirmation that he was nearby. When she left, he arrived at the nest only 2 minutes later to take his turn. As soon as he rolled the eggs, he sat right down and tucked in low, rocking to make sure the eggs were snuggly fit into his brood pouch. - Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear

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