News of David Bowie's death hit this season's Celebrity Big Brother cast hard for two reasons: Bowie's ex-wife is a current contestant, and the houseguests mistakenly thought the announcement pertained to one of their roommates.

The United Kingdom show, in its 17th season, features Bowie's ex, Angie Bowie, as a competitor. In an unusual instance of breaking the fourth wall, producers delivered the news about Bowie's death to Angie on-camera earlier this week, and though they gave her the option to leave, she decided to stay. Naturally, though, she decided to seek comfort in one of her housemates, but when she relayed the notice to friend Tiffany "New York" Pollard, another contestant, all hell broke loose.

In the clip above, Angie, who was married to Bowie from 1970 to 1980, tells New York: "You can't say a word, [but] David's dead." Immediately, New York nearly collapses, erroneously assuming Angie is referring to TV personality David Gest, another contestant and housemate.

"No, he's not!" she shouts before unleashing a series of wails. Within seconds, though, she begins to smile and playfully accuses Angie of lying. But Angie won't bend, and though New York's sworn to secrecy she rushes to tell the other housemates, certain they deserve to know.

Somehow, when the group — equally shocked — eventually finds Gest safely sleeping in his bed, things get even weirder.

"Why the f--- did she say that!" Tiffany, now hysterical, shouts. "She told me that David died!"

Check out the video for some unadulterated reality TV madness.

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