May is National Salad Month and to celebrate, here's the top salad bars in the Rockford.

I know that I really don't seem like the kind of guy that would eat salad, but I really do enjoy them.

As a kid, I would get excited when we would go out to eat somewhere that had a salad bar. Especially, one of those places that had a huge one with many different choices.

Salad bars are kind of a thing of the past. It's rare for restaurants to have them anymore. People don't want to have to get up and serve themselves.

I still enjoy a good salad bar, so to celebrate National Salad Month. Here's the top salad bars in Rockford.

4. Schnuck's - Great salad bar at all of their locations. It's more of a "to go" salad once you make it. That means no refills. Remember they charge you by the weight, so be careful how much you pile on it.

3. Jason's Deli - Located on Perryville Road. It's a fairly new place, so they don't have the salad bar reputation yet.

2. Golden Corral - All you can eat buffet place, so of course they are going to have an awesome salad bar. The only problem, are you going to even mess with salad at a buffet.

1. Hoffman House - Totally old school salad bar. Reminds me of being a kid. Great selection. It's everything you look for in a salad bar.

If you know of any other salad bars in the area, please share them with me.

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