CBS will carry the "Big Game" this year between the New England Patriots and L.A. Rams. For those that could care less about the actual game there is always the commercials. One commercial you will NOT see, is from a company called Acreage Holdings.

Acreage Holdings is a cannabis company that has former House Speaker John Boehner on its board.

According to CNN the :30 ad that was rejected by CBS doesn't even feature its products! The commercial instead focuses on HOW medical marijuana helps people that deal with a variety of issues. One of the people the spot focuses on is a child with Dravet's syndrome that deals with epileptic seizures.

The company was willing to pay up to FIVE MILLIONS DOLLARS to have the commercial play during the Big Game, but CBS shut it down with no official comment, just that they aren't "currently" accepting any cannabis-related advertising.



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