Have you noticed that Illinois criminals try to run from the police but always get busted in the end?

The Story Of An Illinois Car Thief Trying To Run From Police

Let's start with our main character. That's Maurice Sutton who is a 31 year-old-man from Hanover Park, which is a suburb of Chicago. He took a trip to the Windy City. While he was there the suspect thought it would be a great idea to steal a car, which was a Ford Fusion.

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The car thief then drove the stolen car out of the city and headed to the burbs. While cruising through Elmhurst, the "hot" vehicle was spotted by local police. The driver refused to pull over for the cops so he kept going. As the suspect crossed into Villa Park, the officers kept following him for a couple of miles.

Illinois Car Thief Arrested

You Can't Escape For The Illinois Police

When the suspect realized that there was a police car following him, the man turned onto a side street. Then, he pulled into a driveway. Once the thief was parked, he took off running away from the police. The local cops pulled out all the heavy hitters. They called in back-up which included more officers, a drone, and even a K-9 unit.

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It didn't take long before they were able to track down the suspect. He was hiding out in a backyard shed. Hopefully, the dogs got to him before the police did. No matter what, I'm sure it wasn't pretty. The cops searched the vehicle and found an extra set of license plates and a toy gun.

According to patch.com,

Elmhurst police arrested a man this week who they say was driving a car that was stolen in Chicago.


The car, which was impounded, was reported as stolen Oct. 14 to the Chicago police.

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