Criminals in Illinois are stupid enough to get busted pretty easily for crimes but this suspect is definitely nominated for dumb crime of the week.

Looking Suspicious In Illinois

My best philosophy for life is not to attract attention to yourself and fly under the radar. Of course, there are many people out there in the world that completely ignore that rule. They want everyone to pay attention. If you act that way, then people will notice you, good or bad. Unfortunately, that will get you in trouble every time. Looking suspicious is not a crime but it could easily get you arrested. I recently read a story about that. I think it might surprise you.

Clumsy IL Criminal Arrested After Dropping Clue In Front Of Cop

Illinois Fugitive Arrested After Being Clumsy

Police were patrolling an apartment building parking lot in the Joliet area. They noticed a vehicle looking kind of suspicious The officers approached the car and the driver jumped out and ran. That move immediately put all the pressure on the subject. He freaked out so he just took off.

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He definitely wasn't a graceful runner because as he tried to escape, the clutz tripped over a curb and fell over. During the tumble, his loaded gun fell out of his pants and landed right in front of the police officers. They grabbed him and placed the suspect under arrest. Apparently, he took off running because he had a warrant out for his arrest. Now, he's in even more trouble. Good luck with that.

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