For Wisconsin and Illinois, can you guess the most hated NFL players?

Forever Tied Together

It might seem strange that I decided to tie these two states, Illinois and Wisconsin together when it comes to the topic of most hated NFL players in their respective areas. They are kind of like twins, because of the longtime rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. The teams, cities, and fans will be forever linked.

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Let's Take A Look A The NFL Hate Map

Which NFL Player Does Illinois Hate?

No surprise here. There is absolutely no love for Aaron Rodgers. I am counting down the days until he retires or at least gets traded out of the Bears division. I have not disliked a Packer player this much since Brett Favre. They have both broken my heart so many times.

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We Are Not Alone

When it comes to Illinois' strong disliking of Rodgers, we are not alone. Michigan and Minnesota feel the same way. That makes sense because the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions are also in the same division. Green Bay has done similar things to those teams too.

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Florida is also part of the "Hate Aaron Rodgers Club." I am not sure why but there is plenty of room on the bandwagon.

Which NFL Player Does Wisconsin Hate?

I thought this would be a pretty simple answer. Unfortunately, I was completely off track. My guess would have been Khalil Mack, the star defensive player of the Chicago Bears. Especially, after what he did in his first game against the Packers.

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Nope, not even close. Their answer is Tom Brady.

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Where Is The Rivalry Love/Hate?

The Tom Brady answer tells you where this Bears and Packers relationship has gone. Chicago is so bad, they are not even on the radar of the Cheeseheads anymore. That just hurts. How can we even have a rivalry?

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I guess the Bears will just have to try and earn it back, even though that could take many years. I do think most NFL fans can agree with the hatred of Brady.

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