In Wisconsin, race track is trying to be brought back to life.

People Love Videos Of Abandoned Places

I recently discovered that a lot of people enjoy checking out videos of abandoned places. Maybe, it is because of curiosity or nostalgia?

No matter, I do find it fascinating to get a look inside businesses that have shut down. I want to see what kind of shape the place is actually in. It could be ready to be immediately reopened or just a total trainwreck.

Purchase Your Very Own Race Track

Would it not be cool to purchase your very own race track? You could go out on it whenever you want. Invite your friends for a racing party.

I am not talking about a track that is used for local racing series. No, I am thinking about your own private course for your personal use.

When I was in middle school, there was a kid in my neighborhood that raced BMX bikes. His dad built a track in their backyard so he could practice.

Now take that vision but make it for cars. Now, that would be awesome. It might be difficult at your home but somewhere nearby would work too.

Well, a guy up in Wisconsin found an abandoned race track and he plans on fixing it up to use again. Check it out.

Abandoned Race Track In Wisconsin

Here is the first look at his new purchase.

Video: So... I Bought an Abandoned Racetrack.

The whole story is pretty darn cool. Let's check out his progress.

Video: Abandoned Racetrack Part 2 - Tandem DRIFTING & CRAZY Changes!

Video: Abandoned Racetrack Part 3 - How NOT To Remove A DESTROYED Semi Trailer...

Video: So... I Actually Bought TWO Abandoned Racetracks... Part 4.

Video: Abandoned Racetrack Part 5 - Two Tons of Turbo LS Fun, Drifting & Buying A Tractor

Video: Abandoned Racetrack Part 6 - Satisfying Progress & Moving Buildings! It's One SERIOUS Project...

Video: Abandoned Racetrack Part 7 - Extremely Satisfying! 50 Years Of Dumped Tires Picked, Drifting & More!

Video: Abandoned Racetrack Part 8 - Almost Bought Total JUNK... Big Iroc-Z, Tractor & Track Update!

It would be fun seeing any of these cars on that track. LOOK: See the iconic cars that debuted the year you were born

Can You Guess The Abandoned Rockford Business?

Can You Guess The Abandoned Rockford Business?

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