Beloit will allow all businesses to start operating in the near future.

The world has been on lockdown because of COVID-19. It's been several weeks now. Citizens are ready to have a life outside of their homes again.

One thing I noticed, there's no united agreement when it comes to the reopening. Everyone has their own opinion. This adds to the confusion. Some want it now and others would like to wait. Should it be fast or slow? 

Living on the state line gives you options. If you stay in Illinois and it doesn't open but Wisconsin does, well, all you have to do is cross the Cheddar Curtain to enjoy their different way of life.

The Governor of Illinois hasn't formally announced what will happen when the current "stay at home" order ends, so we aren't sure what to plan for.

Wisconsin is already moving towards normality. Their governor was overruled by the state's Supreme Court to end their "shelter in place" rules.

Some areas like our neighbors in Rock County quickly re-enacted it. Things are looking like that will come to an end soon and all businesses will be back.

According to,

"In a unanimous vote, the Beloit City Council passes a plan to allow all businesses to reopen at Monday night's council meeting. According to the order, the plan would go into effect once Rock county's executive order expires at the end of the month. Businesses, like restaurants and bars, would still have to maintain social distancing requirements. However, if Rock county extends its shutdown order, Beloit would have to follow those guidelines."

If Illinois still remains quarantined, there could be a fireworks type situation going on where people cross into Wisconsin to visit stores, restaurants, and etc. If those things aren't allowed in their own state.

What do you think?

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