It looks like there will be a new decision-maker for the Bulls sooner than later. 

The details on this are scarce so it just leads to more questions.

Is this the end of Gar/Pax in Chicago? Probably not. Ownership has said that the Gar/Pax duo will most likely still be with the Bulls, just with different roles if a top executive ever came in. Now this could all change, but I'm pretty sure they still will be there next year.

Is this the end of Jim Boylen as head coach? No one knows for sure but you have to think that the new executive would want to bring in his own coach ESPECIALLY when the current coach is Jim Boylen, who by all accounts is a really nice guy but horrible NBA coach. It's an open secret that players around the league have said no to the Bulls simply because of Boylen so any new executive wouldn't want to hamstring himself with an outcast coach.

The rest is still up in the air but fortunately we have plenty of time to talk about it right now.

Let the search begin!

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