Cats (and some dogs) do love those lasers...But this cat owner, not too smart.

From AP comes the story of a Wisconsin woman using the laser on her handgun to entertain a cat. While doing this, she accidentally shot her friend. Meow.

This is gonna come as a shock, but there was drinking involved. The woman using the gun's laser, shot a man standing in the doorway. He was struck in the leg and hobbled to the next apartment before calling 911.

The woman, who witnesses say was under the influence of alcohol, picked up the handgun, "turned on the laser sight and was pointing it at the floor to get the cat to chase it," according to the complaint. That, was when the gun went off. Wonder what the cat thought? Probably where did the laser go?


A tourniquet was applied to the wounded man, no word on the extend of the injury other than he got shot in the freakin' leg by a dumbass.

Does Kenosha, WI know how to party or what? The woman that shot the poor guy claims it was on "accident," which does some believable.

Those laser pointer things are like a buck at Walmart. But wait, I have a laser on my handgun, let's do that! Hey maybe Russian Roulette or the stab the table with a giant knife between your fingers game?

The odd twist on this one, as if you need one of those...the dude that got shot was facing charges for violating bond, so he couldn't have a weapon. But getting shot, totally o.k.

This is a HUGE Wisconsin Home For a Cat to Chase a Laser - W3938 Middleton St. Pine River WI



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