The biggest Milwaukee Brewers fan could win their very own stadium chairs taken from Miller Park.

I'm a huge lifelong Chicago Bears fan. I was born into it. My family has been season ticket holders for years. One of the coolest things about my childhood home is the basement. It's the ultimate Bears room. The walls are covered with posters and the shelves are filled with memorabilia. The phone is even a Bear's helmet. It's a great atmosphere to watch a game.

There was only one thing the Bears Den was missing. Real stadium chairs from the original Soldier Field. My parents talked about trying to get some but it never worked. They were always way too expensive.

There was a sports bar my friends and I would hang out at and they had a row of four seats from Soldier Field. We would always sit in them when we hung out there.

I think for a huge fan, it's kind of the Holy Grail of team merchandise.

Now, a luckily Milwaukee Brewers fan will have the opportunity to score their own set from Miller Park.

According to,

"Since fans will not be allowed to watch the Brewers in play in person this season, Miller announced on Monday that it was teaming up with the Brewers to give away a pair of authentic Miller Park stadium seats to the most deserving fan."

I enjoy going up to Miller Park for games. I would definitely take some of those chairs for my basement.

For details on how to win, HERE.

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