Big Brother contestant from Rockford, "Chicken" George Boswell, stops by The Eagle for a season one flashback.

In the summer of 2000, TV changed forever with the premiere of a new kind of reality show called "Big Brother."

There was a nationwide search looking for contestants.

The roofer from Rockford decided to put in an application. Just a few weeks later, his life would never be the same.

I first met George, when he got back from being on the show. He is a total character. Great guy and fun to hang out with.

He stopped by The Eagle today to visit.

He told the story on how he got on the show. He loves telling stories.

Also, he gave me an update on what he has going on now. He has an awesome job working for Mecum Car Auctions.

I hope you enjoy my interview with "Chicken" George Boswell and his Big Brother season one flashback.

Video: Big Brother Season One "Chicken" George Boswell Flashback


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