Ever get the feeling that your boss is watching and listening to your every move?

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Dozing off at your desk? Talking a little crap about a co-worker in the breakroom? That smoke break becoming longer and longer?

You never know when big brother or your boss is watching or listening to your every move. I suppose in certain situations, having an eye on productivity is smart. But what if your boss had your entire building rigged with cameras and mics so they know your EVERY move?

According to The Guardian, it is getting easier and CHEAPER for companies to watch your every move these days. Companies across the country aren’t required by law to disclose how they monitor employees, but there might be some info in your contacts fine print telling you that they are.

So if your boss is gone on extended vacations to tropical islands and you think that you can slack-off a bit, think again...The guy or gal in the big office is probably watching and listening.



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