Another exciting night in the bleachers at Guaranteed Fight, I mean Rate, Field. Last time, women threw beer fastballs, this time the clothes were off.

As a Chicago Cubs fan, I really enjoy sharing stories about the White Sox when it has nothing to do with the actual game of baseball.

Actually, that's what makes this story even more shocking. The White Sox are actually playing really good baseball right now, so why the need for this extra drama?

Guaranteed Rate Field's Left Field Bleachers AKA Fight Club

Back in May, two women got into it by firing a couple beer cup fastballs at each other, now we have a bunch of dudes taking on one very large, shirtless man.

Not being right there really makes me sad as I'd like to know how this big boy lost his shirt and wound up taking several shots to the chin from pretty much every guy sitting around him.

The guy can take a punch like Mike Tyson, even while falling all over the place and losing his shorts. What could he have possibly done to make all these guys so violent?

Check out the brawl that happened on Tuesday night, July 20.

The White Sox beat the Minnesota Twins that night, 9 to 5. What the heck was everyone so mad about? And where is security while all this is going down? Is there really no one around to keep the crowd a little more under control?

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