This sidewalk chalk drawing in Rockford is really freaky so beware.

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Is Fun

When my daughter was little, she loved hanging outside. It really did not matter about the weather. She always had fun activities to do no matter if it was summer, winter, fall, or spring.

One of her favorite things to do on nice days was drawing with sidewalk chalk. We have a long driveway, so there was plenty of room to work with.

I remember spending hours with her covering the pavement with our art. Then after the rain would wash it away, she would be right back out there again.

If I ever see sidewalk drawings around my neighborhood, it brings back great memories. I really enjoy the creativity of children. Their little minds are incredible.

Not The Sidewalk Chalk Drawing I Was Expecting

Today when I got home from work, it was a beautiful summer day, so I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. On my journey, I came upon a sidewalk chalk drawing.

I got excited and quickly moved closer to get a better look. What I witnessed kind of freaked me out.

It was a cartoon picture of some sort of animal. That's when I noticed something out of the ordinary. It appears to be bleeding.

If you do not believe me, check it out for yourself. Look near the mouth of the character. There is some liquid and it is red. You have to admit that it looks like blood.

Photo By Double T

Do not worry, I have more. How about this one?

Photo By Double T

That is a much closer picture and I think it looks even more like blood.

Then a scrolled farther down the drawing. Yes, more blood type substance.

Photo By Double T

I know it is crazy to think but what else could it be?

Who Is The Picture Of?

To try and figure out this mystery, I studied the photos a little bit more. The character looks familiar. Then it hit me.

The drawing is of a PBS Kids show. It totally looks like Arthur.

Take a look for yourself.

Photo Of PBS Kids Arthur From YouTube

Here is my theory. Recently, PBS announced that they were canceling the show, Arthur. I am thinking that whoever drew the picture is a big fan and got upset after hearing the news. That is the reason for the blood.

What Is It Really?

Okay, you can stop thinking that I am totally insane. I am guessing that someone spilled red Kool-Aid or it was a melted popsicle.

What do you think?

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