The food's that come out around Halloween time just keep getting stranger!

Burger King

Yesterday we learned about Zombie Skittles that'll be hitting shelves for Halloween 2019. Today, it's Burger King's Scary Black Cherry Fanta Slushie.

You can't get any more Halloween than an actual black drink! You just might want to brush your teeth immediately after drinking it.

Because according to Twitter, it will stain your teeth!

It might also change the color of something else. 💩 So don't be alarmed if after you do your doody it looks neon blue or green.

I'm sure all of this is due to the dyes that are used to give its black color. YOu've been warned.

The Fanta Scary Black Cherry Slushies are only available for a limited time. Stop into a BK and grab one now until November 12th.

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