When it comes to finding a restaurant to go to on a Friday during Lent, your choices get a little more limited. It's hard just to walk into a steakhouse and not order a big slab of meat and if you have a large group, people's preferences when it comes to seafood can make it difficult. Whether you were born and raised here or new to the area like myself, when it comes to finding suggestions for food, Yelp is usually a good place to start.

Here's Yelp's "Best Seafood In Rockford" list.

#1. 815 Cajun

#2. Josef Barbados

#3. GreenFire Restaurant Bar & Bakery

#4. Thunder Bay Grille

#5. Five Forks Market

#6. Isla Del Mar

#7. Shogun Japanese Restaurant

#8. J & J Fish

#9. Tavern On Clark

#10. Marc's Fusion Cafe

I love the variety in the list. Whether you want a nice sit down, a bar atmosphere, sushi, or something quick, this list has a little bit of everything.

What's missing? What's the best seafood place in the stateline area? Tell us in the comments!