Right now, a museum in Chicago is displaying ZZ Top's Eliminator Car.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Rockford but sometimes you just have to blow the stink off and get out of town. My Mom lives in the suburbs, so I go to visit her quite a bit. When I make the trip in, we usually try to do something fun.

This past weekend, we went to the Museum of Broadcast Communication in downtown Chicago. It's right by the House of Blues. They bring in some great traveling temporary exhibits. Last year, they had a Saturday Night Live display.

The current one is called "Stay Tuned Rock On TV."  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame created it. The subject is the history of Rock music and its place on TV. There are all kinds of cool videos and artifacts.

Check out some photos from my experience...

I definitely recommend checking it out. Plus, the museum has some awesome permanent exhibits too. For more info, HERE

Video: Inside Scoop For Illinois Rock & Roll Museum On Route 66


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