One of the scariest museums in the United States is located in Illinois.

There Are Many Interesting Museums In Illinois

If you are the kind of person that enjoys visiting museums, then Illinois is the perfect place for you because the state is home to many. Of course, several are located in Chicago like the Museum of Science and Industry. In Rockford, there is the Burpee Museum and the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield. That is just naming a couple of them. Of course, besides those popular and more famous ones, there are some lesser-known places.

Most Unique Museum In Illinois

Recently, I did a little research about the best museums in Illinois you have never heard of. Check out the list, HERE. There is one that I unfortunately missed. Honestly, I believe it is in a league of its own. Arguably, one of the scariest places in the United States. It is the Medieval Torture Museum located at 177 North State Street in Chicago.

What Is The Medieval Torture Museum In Illinois

According to, 

"We are the largest interactive historical museum in the U.S. You will find yourself exploring the torture chambers of the darkest periods of history. You’ll discover the world’s most detailed collection of confinement and torture devices, instruments of slow death and execution."

More Details About The Medieval Torture Museum

  • Open Monday to Sunday 10 am to 10 pm.
  • The first museum of its kind in the United States.
  • Hundreds of exhibits with over a dozen different types of tortures.
  • Discover if you are the tormentor or the tormented.
  • Featuring a collection of evidence of the cruelest punishments in history.
  • For tickets and more, HERE.

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