You have never heard of these top five museums in Illinois.

Illinois Has Many Great Museums

Even if you are not exactly a "museum" type person, I still think it is a common fact that there are many great ones in Illinois. For example, there is the Field Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Science and Industry to just name a couple. They are probably my two favorite but there are so many more fantastic ones to experience. Some you might have never heard of before.


Other Museums To Visit In Illinois

If you are looking for some interesting things to do with the family over Christmas break, I think I have a couple of ideas for you. You can have a little fun while sneaking in a little bit of learning. You have probably taken your kids to all the major museums in Chicago. Here are some amazing places that fly below the radar.


The Five Best Museums In Illinois You Have Not Heard Of

1. Chicago History Museum - The city of Chicago has a deep history and here is a great place to learn about it.

2. Museum of Contemporary Photography - The old saying is "a picture says a thousand words." I believe that is true. Now, imagine a museum that features literally thousands of photographs. The stories are endless of amazing people, places, and things.

3. The Oriental Institute Museum - What if Indiana Jones owned a museum to display all of his incredible findings. This would be the place.

4. Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum - In the winter, you can not go outside and experience nature so here is your chance to learn more inside.

5. DuSable Museum of African American History - Another interesting place to discover the cultural history of our state, country, and world.

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