Back in 2014, a woman named Stacy Fiebelkorn was arrested for being a terrible human being. The Kane County Sheriff was called to her property where more than 90 animals were dead or starving. What kind of terrible person has dead horses and chickens scattered all over her property? The neglect and treatment of these animals should have found Stacy in jail for a long, long time. She served a year in jail, then Belvidere.

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Well Stacy Fiebelkorn is back in the animal game, this time in Belvidere. Here idea was to open "K9 Splashtastic" on Logan Ave in town. Welcome an animal activist and rescue expert, Sarah Yakle to this twisted story. Sarah was one of the people that made her way onto the Kane County property of Stacy Fiebelkorn. So to hear that she was again getting involved in something animal related was a giant, "oh hell no."

“I was, like, are you kidding me right now, all of us, that were at that are appalled. I remember stepping on mounds of poop that was on top of carcasses.” - Sarah Yakle


Once word broke on social media that this animal abuser and killer, was going to open a dog facility in Belvidere, people started backing out of this mess. Stacy has since turned the "K9 Splashtastic" over to her partner and has issued a statement about killing defenseless animals, I mean...what happened in her past:

“I know I have made mistakes in my past. At one point in time, I got in over my head and things got out of my control. I am sorry and truly regret that I let it get to that point.” - Stacy Fiebelkorn

Are you believing this? How would you feel if you would have taken your furry friend to her place for a swim and THEN found out about her shady past?

Right, right...people deserve second chances blah, blah...90 plus dead and starving animals on your property? I wouldn't trust her to open a bakery or a freakin' lemonade stand.


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