A Beloit Police officer's kind deed has gone viral.

The police are here to protect and serve. Each day they put on a badge, go out into their communities and fight the war on crime.

Although police officers are usually given a reputation to be cold and heartless which is just terrible. Officers put their lives on the line for each and every one of us everyday. They are humans just like us.

Officer Aaron Hall is a great example of that.

He is an officer from the Beloit Police Department. He was seen at a fast food restaurant counter with a man. Emily Hummel witnessed this and took a photo.

According to her Facebook post, Officer Aaron brought the man, who is homeless, to McDonald's and purchased him a hot meal.

Kudos to the Beloit Police Department for hiring such wonderful officers, and an even bigger thanks to Officer Hall for being such a generous person.

What can you do today to pay it forward?


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