If you have a new company, a Beloit business has a special location for your startup.

My cousin started his own consulting business. He doesn't have the budget for an office for his new company, so he just works out of his house.

That isn't the ideal place for meetings. Especially, with the dogs and kids hanging around. When he gets together with a client, a place is needed to do it.

In Beloit, Wisconsin, there's someone willing to help with this situation.

"Startup companies and small businesses will have a trendy and unique place to set up shop. In December, shipping containers will be available for rent at Irontek."

When I first heard about this, I thought it was crazy. After looking into it. This idea really makes sense.

There are many empty shipping containers all over the country not being used. They are available for cheap. It's time to recycle them for another use.

"Container usage is growing as evidenced by the "tiny house" movement. The small spaces are also being used for apartment complexes and shopping malls. There is a bar called The Container Bar in Austin, Texas. It's definitely a trend right now, but it's also cost effective and is a way to recycle the containers which would otherwise be unused." 

Beloit is a rapidly growing community. Irontek thought this would be a great opportunity. They have extra space for the containers and so they purchase several to clean up for rental.

Three different space sizes are available including 8 x 10-foot single for $350,  8 x 20 for $700, and 8 x 40 courtyard for $1,250. Contracts are month to month.

Each one has a sliding glass door provide natural light, 24/7 access, WiFi, free coffee and snacks, use of conference space, business mentoring and resources, HVAC, and furniture.

It's a good way to network with other new businesses too.

I think it's excellent for startup companies.


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