I usually think of pirate movies when I see someone with a parrot on their shoulder--not a guy stuck in an Illinois mud pit.

Nonetheless, there were no Jolly Roger flags being flown in Belleville, Illinois last week, just a guy screaming for help at Belleville's Bicentennial Park.

From UPI:

The Belleville Fire Department said witnesses summoned crews to the scene when they heard the man calling for help from a muddy area at Belleville's Bicentennial Park.

The crews arrived to find the man was stuck "several hundred feet into the mud with the parrot on his back."

Firefighters shared video of the man being rescued from the mud while the parrot perches on the back of his shoulder,

"It was challenging because you couldn't just walk out there and hoist him out. It was like quicksand," Belleville Fire Chief Tom Pour said.

Firefighters ended up using multiple ladders to reach the man.

And, just like you and I would hope for when we're in the midst of one of life's most embarrassing moments, someone had the video camera going.

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