An ESPN camera crew made its way to Freeport to check out "Little Cubs Field".

Dejan Stanisavljevic

Little Cubs Field in Freeport has become an incredible tourist attraction for people from around the country and around the world. I Little League sized replica of Wrigley Field stands in the park where I grew up playing my Little League ball. No ivy and brick back then, no bleachers and old manual scoreboard.

The Freeport community and a bunch of their future baseball all-stars, gathered for a day of celebration and a game at Little Cubs Field but this one was special. ESPN was there to film a short piece about this amazing place.

On June 4th during the Cubs vs. Cardinals game, ESPN aired the Freeport special.  I DVR'd it and seeing the town I grew up in featured in such a cool way was amazing.

The amazing artists and photographers at Dreibelbis & Fairweather Studio filmed a video segment, about the ESPN video segment. This is a really well done behind the scenes look at how it all went down.




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