Ever wondered how this whole beer thing started?


Tonight at Midway Village, “Tipsy History: Brewing from the 1800s to Today” .

According to Rock River Times the program starts at 6:30 this evening and is presented by Sara Pfannkuche, a home-brewer and Midway Village historic interpreter.

The brewing, the cooking, the history of preparing beer. Why certain stages of brewing is given certain names, all the ins and outs of beer brewing in one fun filled evening of learning.

If you are a beer lover, want to start brewing your own beer, or just love the history of it this is for you.

I was given a "home brewing" kit for Christmas one year. I was decent tasting but gave me an incredible headache. Pretty sure I dumped 75% of it. Perhaps this is for me.

So if beer is your thing, head to Midway Village tonight for “Tipsy History: Brewing from the 1800s to Today". No word of free samples.